How Valerian can help you determine the efficacy of your digital marketing

How Valerian Can Help You Determine the Efficacy of Your Digital Marketing

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You’re a business that predominantly sells over the internet. Online is a great distribution channel – it allows you to reach the majority of your customers, irrespective of geographical barriers, and narrow down your targeting to your specific audience whether it is by demographics or by interest. In short, you know you are using the right medium to sell your products and services.


By the very nature of your business, you sell predominantly using search campaigns on Google. Google is a great tool and fits your needs perfectly as every lead that comes to your site is qualified by the search query they have undertaken. You are happy with Google and plan on increasing your marketing spend as you see a directly linear relationship between the amount you spend on Google and traffic on your site, leading eventually to more sales.


Initially you have set up Google (Analytics) yourself and have then hired a small agency to run ad campaigns for you. The agency you’ve hired has taken care of the creative side of things and is also running the analytics. They provide you with progress reports on how your campaigns are performing.


You however can’t shake the feeling that the solution always seems to be spending “more” on Google as higher budgets will invariably put you on top of each search query and will therefore increase your CTR. So you know that spending more will result in more sales, but do you have a real handle on the efficacy of all that money you are spending on Google? Do you know what your return on ad-spend is? Do you know how that returns compares with the return on ad-spend from your competitors?


Those are key questions and if you do not have a clear idea of how efficient your marketing efforts are, and how those compare to those of your peers, you are missing a critical piece of data to run your business efficiently. Of course Google does not make that data easily available as it is in their best interest to ensure you are spending as much as you can. Your agency might not also provide you with accurate KPIs.


At Valerian, we have developed powerful analytical tools that help us determine how efficiently you spend your marketing budget. This capability is key in helping us determine whether you are eligible for a Valerian Advance or not. When you make an application for a Valerian Advance, we are able to parse through your historical data and estimate how efficient your historical marketing spend has been. We make those results available to you for free in our client dashboard and will also provide you with personalized SEO/SEM pointers – easy to implement low hanging fruits – that we know from experience will improve your marketing ROI and help you move up the quartiles in our benchmarking analyses.


Whether you are looking for financing immediately or not, you can visit our website and let our analytical engine do the work for you. You will receive a full report of your marketing efficacy, useful tips and pointers to improve your performance, and a benchmarking analysis against peers. All of this for free.

For more information on Valerian or to see how efficient you are with your marketing spend, please visit:

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