Empowering Entrepreneurial Dreams

At Valerian, we believe in the power of ideas and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Our mission is to bridge the funding gap, making growth accessible to every visionary business leader.

Our Vision

Empowering Entrepreneurship Globally


We envision a world where entrepreneurship is accessible to all. Our goal is to dismantle barriers to business growth, fostering an environment where innovation thrives.

Our Mission

Innovative, Data-Driven Solutions


We’re redefining business funding with AI and data analysis. Our tailored funding model with fixed fees and repayment rates drives sustainable growth for our clients and us.

Our Journey

From Idea to Impact


Founded in 2021, Valerian started with a powerful idea: equitable, data-driven business funding. Our path is marked by innovation and a dedication to empowering businesses.

“Working with Valerian was a pivotal decision for our company. Their approach to aligning our capital with our growth needs was just the beginning. We experienced a remarkable 80% reduction in quarterly cash fluctuations and a 40% increase in return on ad spend, thanks to their data-driven insights. Their analysis provided us with deep insights into user behaviour and market trends, which were crucial for our strategic decisions. Following a successful exit last year, I can confidently recommend Valerian to any founder looking for sustainable growth and a partner who truly understands the nuances of their business.”

Javier Calleja, Zankyou

Our Team

Eric Bidinger, Chief Executive Officer

With experience straddling both the world of traditional finance and engineering, Eric was ideally place to identify the market need for a more equitable means to access capital, by harnessing the newly available power of data. Eric wanted to use his experience to create a product that makes entrepreneurship accessible to all - that product is Valerian.


His understanding of economic cycles, acquired from a 17-year tenure at prestigious institutions like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, has been crucial in developing Valerian's unique approach. Eric's expertise in engineering and mathematics, combined with his deep knowledge in buy-outs, growth investments, and debt structuring, has enabled him to create a robust data and AI infrastructure. This infrastructure is designed to analyse online, data-rich businesses and facilitates instant access to capital through fluctuating economic conditions.


At Valerian, Eric's role extends beyond algorithm development; he is the architect of a team of visionary entrepreneurs. His leadership is not just about guiding Valerian through the complexities of business funding but also about nurturing a culture where innovation thrives.

Abbas Khaku, Chief Operating Officer

Abbas has been a key leader in a range of organisations, bringing data and operational excellence over a 20-year career, after graduating from the London School of Economics. These include a provider of ethical screening data to FTSE companies, private equity real estate investments, and a spin-off pharmaceutical company. His roles have included managing complex international corporate structures, compliance for FCA-regulated entities and the implementation of complex technical solutions. His role at Valerian includes driving operational strategy, overseeing data and technical projects, and fostering innovation while ensuring optimal risk management.

Anders Jorgensen, Head of Data

Anders has a Master’s in Corporate Finance with a minor in Computer Science. He has keen interest in data science, a cornerstone of innovation at Valerian. His expertise in developing complex financial algorithms, particularly in neural networks is crucial to Valerian's data-driven approach. His role goes beyond analysis; he is instrumental in refining Valerian's funding strategies and enhancing client outcomes. Committed to Valerian’s mission, Anders is focused on developing an AI and Data infrastructure that democratises access to capital for all businesses. His work is a testament to Valerian's vision of making entrepreneurship globally accessible, demonstrating a unique blend of finance and data science in action.

Aissata Niang, Head of Engagement & Ecosystem

Aissata Niang's journey from a talented singer and songwriter collaborating with major labels like Universal Music and Warner Music, to founding her own production company, epitomises her entrepreneurial spirit and creative flair. Her evolution into a global social media influencer, with over 3 million followers, is a testament to her ability to connect and empower. Her content, a fusion of empowerment and humour, encourages women to confidently embrace their uniqueness. In her role at Valerian, Aissata is pivotal in cultivating a global community and ecosystem, where the Valerian brand becomes synonymous with entrepreneurship, inclusivity, and being the ultimate growth partner. Her efforts are integral in positioning Valerian as not just a funding source, but a beacon of support and inspiration for entrepreneurs worldwide, fostering an environment where dreams are nurtured and ambitions are realised.

“I enjoy working with the Valerian team. They are responsive and bring a human element along with precise data knowledge – you’re not just talking to an interface. They went through a process of analyzing our data and provided us with a comprehensive report that demonstrated an understanding of our business. I didn’t expect that at first because of the intricacies of our app business, but their recommendations were on point. They were able to quickly decide on a first advance and are following our numbers to suggest higher advances.”

Sami Ben Hassine, Co-founder and CEO


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