In an ever-evolving investment landscape, it’s imperative that we continuously seek ways to innovate and maximize value for both investors and businesses. At Valerian, we recognize the immense potential in building strong synergies between venture capital and alternative lending. We are excited to announce the launch of a new project: “Co-creating An Investment Ecosystem: VC and Alternative Lending Synergies for the Future.” This project aims to engage the investor community in dialogue and collaboration to shape the future of investment partnerships.


Valerian’s New Approach:

Valerian has recently undergone a strategic pivot, shifting its focus to becoming an embedded finance partner to businesses through AI-powered business intelligence. Our model, which centres around intelligent and efficient funding, allows us to work alongside companies as they grow. Through the integration of data analytics and natural language interfaces, we’re able to offer a unique blend of funding and insights to businesses, removing barriers and making funding more accessible to founders.


The Vision for VC and Alternative Lending Synergy:

The venture capital model has been an undeniable force in fostering innovation and growth in the business world. However, we believe that by integrating VC investments with alternative lending approaches, we can unlock new dimensions of value for businesses. This integration is not just about financial capital; it’s about creating an ecosystem where data, insights, and funding act as catalysts for business growth.
For VC new investments, this synergy can facilitate early round closes without wasting equity investment on operational expenses and enable faster and potentially deeper due diligence through data access and risk assessments.
For VC portfolio companies, this could extend the cash runway and prevent premature dilution, while also providing ongoing growth reports and insights into performance.


Engaging the Investment Community:

We are eager to hear from the venture capital community on how we can create stronger, more efficient partnerships that benefit all stakeholders. As part of this project, we’re conducting a survey to gather insights from VCs on what they envision as the ideal collaboration between VC investments and alternative lending looking at:

  • What are the key benefits in a combined debt and equity co-investment model?
  • How can data analytics and insights add value to VC investments?
  • What are the challenges in integrating VC investments with alternative lending, and how can these be addressed?
  • How can we collaboratively foster an ecosystem that empowers founders irrespective of their background?

Final Thoughts

The fusion of Venture Capital and Alternative Lending heralds a new era of investment collaboration. Valerian’s ‘Co-creating VC and Alternative Lending Synergies’ project invites the investment community to participate in shaping this evolving landscape. The insights gathered will be invaluable in driving innovation and efficiency in funding, potentially unlocking new possibilities for businesses in need.


Get Involved

If you are an investor and would like to get involved in this initiative, then we invite you to share your views via our survey by clicking here.


Benefits of Participating:

  • Exclusive Insights: Be among the first to receive a summary report of the survey findings, which can provide insights into what industry peers are thinking.
  • Shape the Future: Your input can help create a more efficient and beneficial investment ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participants will be acknowledged (with consent) in the summary report, potentially opening up new networking avenues.


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